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I have kinda been MIA, but trust me I have been working for some fresh content for my blog and my channel, check out if you haven’t already.  So we all need some motivation in life right? I’m so happy to share about this amazing motivating brand 😀

About ThinkPot :



Thinkpot is not just a brand or a company, its a vision to inspire & instill motivation in lives of people. We at Thinkpot believe that motivation is the scarcest emotion in our day to day lives. We all need constant optimism and encouragement for progress and happiness. This led to the beginning of Thinkpot, Asia’s only focused inspirational merchandise store.

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A team of dedicated thinkers and visionaries around the globe, after extensive study of motivational & inspirational literature have come up with quotes which can instill high levels of confidence, passion, burning desire & happiness in a persons life. Each quote has been carefully selected and converted into a design by a panel of Thinkpot designers.

Team Thinkpot consists of young entrepreneurs, visionary educationists and league apart designers from world over universities such as Harvard, LSE and IIM. With a focus in mind for creating motivation all around the globe and make people more productive, optimistic and happy!



Thinkpot proudly presents a range of motivational merchandise from Posters, Framed Posters, Mugs, Stationery, Coasters, Mouse Pads, T-Shirts and many more to keep you surrounded by an ambience of elation. We believe that like we take bath, we need motivation on a regular basis. Researchers from Harvard University say that the more closely you see quotes from visionaries and successful of the world, the more you stay motivated and achieve your goals.

With a goal to replace your walls, mugs and all the surroundings with shouting messages of inspiration, Team Thinkpot envisions to help people retain their dreams and instill next level of confidence to achieve them. Inspire and motivate the people around you with our signature frames. Make your workplace a better place to work at. Get everyone in on the action with our signature frames and motivational posters. Co-workers feel involved and recipients feel wonderful when they receive this one-of-a-kind gift or see them around them. Thinkpot motivational posters also make great awards.


Here are some of the products, I received from them, And I love it.

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The quality of the product is amazing. Although I have been happy if the frame had a stand attached, like not everyone loves wall frames. Apart from that I love how the planner is quite sleek, everything on one page, which is kinda clean you don’t need to turn pages 😛



One of the things I would really like to stress on is the pricing, it’s not some huge fancy amount. I absolutely love that it’s inexpensive, specially for a person like me who lovessss collecting such cute stationary.

Also they have some amazing diaries,mugs, mousepads and much more, the collection is vast & never ending you guys

Link –






Ruchi ❤

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