Fun with the Puns featuring PUNtastik |Ruchi Jadhav

Hey guys ❤


I’m so excited to share this brand with you all, I have been personally loving their Punny collection.


About PUNtastik : 




One of the first kind of printing stores exclusively puns, now That is NEW.

Facebook –

Instagram – @PUNtastik

Shop the PUNtastic tees here –



I’ll dolphinately let my pictures do the talking, but first the quality of the t-shirts are absolutely soft and breathable, the fabric used the best quality hosiery.

The collection majorly has three colors- white, black & navy blue (they’ll definitely add more I’m sure and I hope 😛 )




Let’s be honest, there are tons of companies to get you printed tees and blah blah, something iconic about this brand is the print- Each tshirt you see here is different, the design and the PUNS just does proper justice to what one needs.

I think it just adds an quirky personality to you, when you walk with such good puns 😛 😀

Also I loved the fact, that they haven’t used any words which we can’t wear in-front of elders, I’m sure you know what i’m talking about hahaha 😀

The collection is Unisex.

Here’s to never ending fun with the puns 😉






What are your favourite puns of all times 😛 ? Let me know in the comments below




Ruchi ❤

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