Colorbliss & Nutriglow Makeup Combo Review | Ruchi Jadhav

Hey loves ❤

It’s been a while since I uploaded a new review or a blogpost, I promise to be a little more regular on the website and my youtube channel.

So today I’m going to review the Nutriglow and Colorbliss combo box which is exclusively available only on Shop CJ.

About the Combo : 


Make your statement makeup kit with colorbliss complete makeover combo kit. The nail paints and lip colors are of premium quality and long lasting and durable, they come in variety of shades. This kit contains of colorbliss moisturizing lipsticks, nail polish and free gifts.

Makes your lips look full and lush instantly.
Color pay off in one stroke and Matte texture
It keeps the lips moisturized and hydrated for upto 8 hours long.
Makes your lips look full and lush instantly.
High Color pay off in one stroke and Matte texture
It keeps the lips moisturized and hydrated for upto 8 hours long.
Very amazing quality of glitters, best alternative for nail art.

Nutriglow Advanced Meta Instant White Facial Combo

This facial kit combo from Nutriglow as recognizing its popularity and skin-enriching qualities, Nutriglow has harnessed the best benefits of the metal to curate this luxurious facial that improves the skin’s hydration and metabolism, prevents premature aging, removes pigmentation, age spots, lines and wrinkles, boost collagen regeneration, and strengthens elastin fibers to reveal radiant, luminous, youthful complexion.
Product Features
  • Preserve its natural luminosity
  • Skin-enriching qualities
  • Anti-aging benefits
  • Easy to apply


Mulberry Cleanser :- Cleanses and smoothes the skin. Helps lighten the skin, repair blemishes and restores skin youthful.
Instant Glow Scrub :- It provides deep exfoliation removing dead cells, dirt and impurities. It detoxifies the skin and improves blood circulation.
Rejuvenating Massage Gel :- Helps the regeneration of new healtier skin resulting in softer and fairer texture. Removes blackheads, whiteheads, signs of ageing, sunspots and acne scars.
Nourishing Massage Cream :- It moisturiser and nourishes the skin. Also gives the skin even tone.
Sparkling Glow Mask Pack :- It give glow and nourishes the skin. Also gives the skin shine.
Royal Touch Serum :- Forms protective barrier on the skin to seal the natural moisture and nourishment.


Step 1 :- Mulberry Cleanser

Step 2 :- Instant Glow Scrub
Step 3 :- Rejuvenating Massage Gel
Step 4 :- Nourishing Massage Cream
Step 5 :- Sparkling Glow Mask Pack
Step 6 :- Royal Touch Serum


I used this step-wise and I would recommend you guys using it the way it is shown, Because the end results are worth it. My skin feels that instant freshness and smoothness. Specially the scrub and the massage gel gets rid of all the dirt and blackheads, which makes the skin more fair.


Colorbliss Lipstick :

Now you guys by now definitely know this, that I’m absolutely a sucker for lippers.


First up, considering the price, I love the quality of the lipsticks, they are matte, but the only problem is they felt in extreme humid climate.


So you need to be careful with the lipsticks. They don’t last a full meal, but definitely lasts a cup of tea/coffee.


The Shades are- Ravishing rose

Pink crush
Red passion
Tangerine orange
Copper honey
Mystic mauve

Colorbliss Nail Polish :


They can easily be compared with the Maybelline nail enamels. They finishing is as good as the maybelline ones.



The shades are- Love of Rose Magenta Rush
Rich Red
Pink Fantasy
Copper Ore
Irish Mauve

Colorbliss Mascara


The mascara is too smooth and not really runny. The perfect amount of product is applied through the wand. So the wand is not too big or small, can be used for the upper and lower lashes 🙂

Colorbliss Water Proof Smudge Resistant Herbal Kajal



The perfect jet black shade. The only drawback is the kajal might spread if your eyes are small.

Colorbliss Jewel Eye liner


The liner is not waterproof, but the shades are super cool.

Colorbliss 5 in 1 Blush and Compact powder


All you need is this box of compact which has the bronzer, blush and highlighter- All In One 😀

Nutriglow Gold CC Cream


I love this cc cream, you can easily use this and replace your everyday foundation.



Have you used any of the products? let me know in the comments below.




Ruchi ❤



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