Stay Chic-All-Day Ft Roving Mode| Ruchi Jadhav

Hey ❤

Happy Women’s Day to you lovely ladies, I’m super excited to share my look with Roving Mode

I have 3 looks to share, which I have divided in Three Different Blogs, which would be up by next week 🙂

It’s just more convenient for me to showcase each look for you guys 🙂 I can explain better and guess what More Pictures…… 😛

It’s been over a decade since Sex and the City ended, but my love for Tulle/ Tutu skirts will never end 😛   I find it  fresh—and high-style




RovingMode is a fast growing fashion destination that offers Catwalk inspired High Quality Affordable apparel for Trendy young women. Shop all the latest designs including Cute Dresses, Crop Tops, Tulle Skirts, Flirty ResortWear.

The Basic Idea of the Company :


Fashion Goes Viral!!

“Fashion fades, style is eternal.” —Yves Saint Laurent

And we can’t agree more. Hundreds of trends and thousands of styles later – the statement that never ceases to exist – “I don’t have anything to wear” – will be perennialy challenged at the very click of a few pages; the pages of

With a rapidly changing fashion industry, the demand for a convenient online fashion store grew just as much as the need for affordable yet head-turning designs – all neatly packed and placed on a website that is simple yet fun, engaging and interactive.



We, at, browse through magazines, read up on the web, follow the latest in styles, keep the evergreen trends in mind and work hard to bring you the best of retail therapy with our choicest of materials and our dearest of designs while ensuring top-notch quality.


At, we understand the need of convenience and assurance on deliverables and we, therefore, bring you the latest in customer services and response time to ensure that you shop where ever you are and whenever you want.

We are a young company and we intend to be around. We thank you for choosing our products and for helping us grow.

Instagram – rovingmode


About my Look : 




I went a bit experimental with this look, usually I don’t really wear such short clothes or tube tops. But this time I have no idea why 😀

Check out the skirt here –


Paired with a black tube top, along with the blazer come jacket I got from Koovs.


Its a full and flirty skirt in black cut to a below-knee length, talking about the fitting, it’s just Amazing. Let’s put this, this way, that I could live in this Skirt ❤

So are you prepared to turn heads in this designer tea length skirt ?  😛



The skirt is not skin fitting the material is breathable, and that’s the best part usually when you wear Tulle, you tend to get rashes, that’s what I have heard from most of the girls.

I really like the fact that it has double layered material which is too soft !


Outfit Details :

Tube Top – Forever 21

Jacket – Koovs

Tulle Skirt – Roving Mode

Heels – H&M

Glares – Rayban

Accessories – Forever 21


Location – Blanco 

(Special thanks to Blanco, for allowing us to shoot in Mini Mumbai Santorini 😛 )



Hope you love the pictures! Can’t wait to share the other two looks!




Have you shopped from Roving Mode yet? Let me know in the comments below !






Ruchi ❤







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