A Jewelry Affair FT Shop CJ | Ruchi Jadhav

Hey guys ❤


Hope you all doing well, So if you follow me on snapchat – ruchijadhav , You definitely know that I went to the Shop CJ studios, for this amazing shoot with their jewellery.

So Jewellery for me is :



Unlike pretty much anything else we wear, our jewellery is filled with emotion. While clothes express our personality and self-image through colour and style, and hair or makeup reflect what we want the world to think of us, jewellery works very differently.

It can uniquely bring back memories of an event, a person, a time in life or even a mood. The closest thing we can think of with the same power is music.

As jewellery has become more affordable and accessible, buying it has become a more everyday experience, with less thought put into buying it than used to be the case. I think that’s an acceptable price to pay for the ability to buy jewellery more often


So here are some amazing jewellery pieces, at Shop CJ 

Let my pictures do the talking ❤


It’s all about that one piece of jewellery to add that Extra Glam to your outfit ❤



All that western with a touch of ethnic


Statement earring’s will be trend no matter what era !




One Saree – 3 looks 

Are we ready ? 😛 



What I did, was simply got the statement necklace, and I used it three different ways 😛

Now who wouldn’t invest into something like this ? huh? 😀

All the pieces are truly exclusive, and where can you find such statement jewellery ! Visit the website for more designs 😀


About Shop CJ –

Highly driven by consumer insights, the team of SHOP CJ strives to cater to a wide spectrum of audience by providing products that are in synch with their lifestyle. Gadgets, home décor, electronics, kitchenware, apparels & accessories, etc. are few of the categories that bring about a change in our customer’s lifestyle.




Vivienne Westwood once said, ‘what I’m always trying to say to the consumer is: buy less, choose well, make it last.’ Staying true to this philosophy, SHOP CJ offers ultra-trendy, durable, cost-effective, innovative and customer-friendly products to give maximum benefit to our customers. The programming pattern is highly influenced by the contemporary lifestyle, and our selection of hosts is in tandem. Our responsibility towards the customer even remains after the transaction as we are involved in post-delivery resolution of grievances too. SHOP CJ aims to revolutionize the shopping pattern in India by placing customers on the very top of the value chain.

Website – http://www.shopcj.com

Instagram – Shopcjindia



Jewellery can means many different things, and each piece we own can bring back different memories. What does your jewellery say to you, and how does it make you feel?


Let me know in the comments below 🙂





Ruchi ❤



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