Mumbai Duty Free Store Launch | Ruchi Jadhav

Hey guys ❤

Hope you guys are doing good! We are just 2 weeks away from 2017. How was this year for you guys though? I kind of set up some goals last December and I guess I achieved and completed them successfully.

Today i’m going to talk about the new store launch ❤ at the International airport

About Mumbai Duty Free :


Mumbai Duty Free is a joint venture between DFS Group and  Flemingo International. The joint venture operates core concessions including Liquor & Tobacco, Perfumes & Cosmetics and food, at Mumbai International Airport.

About DFS Group :


DFS is the world traveler’s preferred destination for luxury shopping. We offer our customers a carefully curated selection of exceptional products from over 700 of the world’s leading brands across three categories: Beauty, Fragrances & Well-being, Fashion, Watches, Jewelry & Accessories and Spirits, Wine, Tobacco, Food & Gifts.
From Hawaii to Hong Kong, DFS stores are located in some of the world’s most iconic destinations—each selected for its unique appeal. Our worldwide network consists of 420 duty free stores across four continents and 11 countries, including 17 international airports, 14 downtown T Galleria by DFS stores, as well as affiliate and resort locations.



About the event :

Mumbai Duty Free is introducing the second edition of ‘First Class Beauty’, a beauty festival featuring a collection of the best makeup, skincare and fragrances for all the ways you travel.
The Duty Free Store is going to launch Good Girl, a new fragrance by Carolina Herrera capturing the bold femininity and sensual duality of the modern woman.


So now that you know a bit about how this works and stuff.I will brief you with some more information.




While you travel abroad you can get your hands on all these amazing products DUTY FREE , which include all ‘high end’ brands, example – Dior, Chanel, MAC , Marc Jacobs, Estee Lauder, The Body Shop (which will open up soon), OPI , Clarins, Versace

They got the Good Girl – Carolina Herrera (The perfume they sent me 😛 ) Jealous much?



Now obviously you might think that you get all these at Sephora or their respective stores, but but but the prices will not be the same, and that’s where you shop smart right?



You’ll find more variety of  products at the Mumbai Duty Free store of what you see at our normal malls, stores.



Also highlights to this is they have all the limited editions products,  etc. happy happy 😀






What are you waiting for ? Book your tickets to Shop at the Mumbai Duty Free Store 😀 😛


Let me know in the comments below, have you guys heard of this store or ever visited at the Mumbai T2 International Airport 🙂




Ruchi ❤

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