Aviance Hydra Balance Night Restore Creme Masque Review | Ruchi Jadhav

Hey guys,

Hope you all are doing good 🙂 So today I’m here with a new product, Aviance Hydra Balance Night Restore Creme Masque, and can’t wait to share my review on it 🙂

About the brand : 

At the heart of every aviance product are the purest plant extracts, which are infused with bio-energised technology. This technology retains a high concentrate of benefits from vitamin complexes and plant extracts, nourishing the skin on a cellular level to effect lasting change.

These pure and powerful ingredients flood your cells with energy to coax skin back to find its own equilibrium and restore its own inborn luminosity. Designed by leading bio-chemists, using top-quality ingredients and state-of-the-art facilities, aviance skincare is second to none.

About the product :


With Hydra Balance, witness bio-energy increase the benefit of active ingredients that penetrate deep within the skin’s surface, drenching your skin in moisture. This life-giving hydration results in dewy, luminous skin.


The Night Restore Cream Mask regenerates the skin’s moisture defences by infusing it with essential nutrients to kindle hydration. Bio-energised moisture-infusing complexes extracted from sunflower and Vitamin E refresh and nourish the skin, promoting balanced hydration.

These plants extracts and vitamins synergise to nurture your inherent luminosity through this daily night cream as they nourish your skin from within.

The perfect end to your night-time skincare ritual, the Night Restore Cream Mask is more effective when used in conjunction with the Moisture Infused Advanced Serum and other skin care products from aviance’s Hydra Balance range. Specially formulated as a non-greasy application for night use, apply this overnight mask to a cleansed face and gently massage it into your skin using upward strokes. This bio-energised overnight face mask will deeply hydrate and nourish your skin.

Wake up to feel your skin beautifully restored with this Hydra Balance face mask as the bio-energised plant extracts work in synergy with dual vitamins to brighten skin tone, revealing your inherent luminosity.


Price : INR 999


Quantity : 40 g 

Ingredients :


My review : 


So, I have been using this product for the last 2 weeks, the product contains extracts of sunflower of oil and vitamin E, which helps your skin gain the proper nourishment it needs and hydrates it perfectly. I have dry skin, and specially using it in winters is the best thing ever. My skin tends to turn more dry during winters, which makes it really difficult, because most of the products hurt my skin,because of the winter cuts.

I have been using this for a while and I love how it keeps my skin moisturised and hydrated, it’s a night restore masque, for best results apply at night, after getting off all kind of makeup and products off your skin 🙂

Have you tried the Aviance Hydra Balance Night Restore Creme Masque? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


Ruchi ❤

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