Diwali Ready Ft The Clothing Rental Part 1

Hey guys,

Happy Diwali !!!!! Stay Happy and Stay Safe ❤

How are you all doing? I have been so busy the past month, I had so many blog posts in my mind to put up, just couldn’t find the exact time to execute them! So i recently uploaded a picture on my Instagram (ruchi_cinderelladiaries) wearing some ethnic love

Also don’t miss all the shooting shenanigans on my snapchat (ruchijadhav) 😀

So here for today’s blog post, I’m going to help you all get Diwali Ready 😛 😀

I have 3 different blog posts, since I wanted to put up all the good pictures, so lets get started already! 😀

About The Clothing Rental :


The Clothing Rental has been a secret destination for the film and media industry professionals. A favourite of top stylists , celebrities and fashionistas The Clothing Rental has dressed the best names in the country.

A decade later we have opened our doors to consumers and making every attempt to bring you an extensive variety of fashion at a fair price. With prices on the rise and quality on a decline, we are taking a shockingly different approach, We strive to bring the highest in quality at the lowest of prices. One can rent original brands sourced from our New York Buying Office. We specialize in Indian as well as Western wear for Women and Men.

Website – The Clothing Rental

Instagram – @theclothingrental

1 . Lehenga

Ok! First up tell me honestly in the comments below, who doesn’t LOVEEEE lehengas, I have added this so many times on my blog that I’m  a Bollywood freak and if you get me a lehenga, i’m gonna keep twirling all through the day 😛

So the lehenga is pretty heavy, but the quality of the lehenga is something, I really really liked

Don’t miss out on the gorgeous pictures 😛



I have worked with The Clothing Rental earlier here is the link, if you missed on that one 😀

It’s always fun, I really love the quality of the ethnic wear they have, I will try for a western outfit tho 😀 The packaging is as good as new 🙂

I hope you all liked the pictures,

Leave a comment below and let me know which outfit you would prefer, and if you have a different outfit all together let me know that one too 😛


Ruchi ❤

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