Asian Paints’ signature store, Colour Store Workshop

Hey guys,

How are you guys doing? Mumbai is boiling and I’m hating every bit of it.

So I recently went to this amazing event, you might have already guessed it through my Snapchat (RuchiJadhav), It was Asian Paints’ signature store, Colour Store Movies-inspired workshop!

Since Worlds Interior Day was round the corner, On 26th May, this workshop was held for a better understanding of why and how you can make your interior look more beautiful and how is the same created in movies!


The event took place the Asian Paints, Signature store,Colours Store, Bandra. We had renowned Film Production Designer, Shruti Gupte to host an exclusive workshop on how to draw inspiration from homes and office spaces designed in popular films.


From Taare Zameen Par to Khoobsurat, Shruti has designed homes according to their characters. Shruti believes that your room should match your personality, or at-least a part of it should. That’s how she designed homes in the movies.

Going on for a little brief; taare zameen par – Ishaan’s room was decorated with lots of cartoons and games, wherein his brother’s room had a lot of books and limited games. This blended so well with their characters, Ishaan was a very naughty and careless kind of a boy who loved playing, and on the other hand his brother who was a bit serious,sincere and a focused boy.

Khoobsurat – The palace was created keeping each and every character in mind,whereas Sonam’s real house was a typical messy home.



Aisha – OMG! Have you guys watches this movie yet? Ok aisha’s bedroom is like a dream, every girl would LOVE to have that bedroom and i’m so speechless, Shruti designed it wonderfully.

With interiors each thing should have detail, Shruti made sure with every movie she worked on, to add that sparkle which adds so much more to that place.!


About Asian Paints Colour Store, Bandra

The Asian Paints Colour Store in Bandra was set up with the aim of educating consumers and interior décor enthusiasts on colours and designs and how it can change their space. Here are some images, Look they have created each corner with so much amazement.


Honestly i’m a sucker for Home Interiors and I love having big spaces with designs and florals and stuff like that, but I never got a chance like this. At the asian paints store you can go and customise your own design and not only this the experts at the store will guide you with the color scheme,designs,furniture, everything basically 😀

For those who are always looking for new ideas to do up their personal spaces with all that’s in vogue and colorful, this workshop at Asian Paints’ Colour Store, Bandra proved to be inspirational and experiential in equal measure.

You guys should definitely check out their store workshop!<3




Ruchi ❤



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