#LakmeFashionWeek: AJIO’s suspense #DoubtIsOut

Hey lovelies 😀

So the surprise Flashmob show was the main highlight of Day 3 at Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2016. I was eagerly waiting to know what is #DoubtIsOut ? I remember standing on the terrace garden for the Little Shilpa’s show to start where the lights on the building showcased #DoubtIsOut, which attracted most of the people.


Later after the Little Shilpa’s show, I made my way to the Main Stage Area MSA for Anita Dongre’s show, where I saw some girls wearing the same tee and were about to perform.



Each girl had the same white tee,and on their back #DoubtIsOut printed in black. After several minutes of waiting, finally the show started which was called the Flashmob show, basically an introduction show to next day’s Fashion show at Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2016.

Near the Main Stage Area a selfie booth was offered which had different hashtags on the board!


The introduction show happened near the Main Stage Area, where I was waiting for the Anita Dongre’s show to start! I was standing in the line, and of-course the energy at Lakme Fashion Week is surreal.


Here is how the girls at the flashmob show enthralled us, The flashmob show was for about 15 mins, which was basically the introduction show for the next day fashion show at Lakme Fashion Week 2016.


The girls performed in groups wearing  a mask, later after one round over the Main Stage Area they had a small board which had details of the fashion show written!

I felt their concept was out of the box,coming up and attracting people with their dance and the way they were dressed,left every one of us curious.


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Ruchi ❤



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