Tata Coffee Grand

Hello people 😀

Any coffee lovers here? I love coffee and this post is really very special to me, Here i make an announcement to what coffee did to change my life 😀


Everybody should believe in something, I believe in Coffee 🙂

About my favourite coffee –

Since you guys also wanted to know which coffee I loveeeeee to drink it’s Tata Coffee Grand,it’s a unique product formulation. First of its kind in instant coffee. A smooth blend of agglomerated coffee powder and freeze dried coffee that promises a superior taste and rich aroma. This coffee is been on my hit list, from the time I tasted it!

If you need to try this Coffee , click on coffee 🙂 Also attaching the picture for you all 🙂




I usually work a lot on my macbook, since bloggers have to work online 😛 So i was really tired and needed some entertainment at that moment, I went ahead playing YouTube and while sipping off my favourite coffee, I just got an idea of starting my own YouTube channel, Yes you guys read it right my own YouTube channel, I have been interacting with you guys through Snapchat (ruchijadhav) but i guess it’s time to start this, because You can do it – said my coffee 😀

For more details watch this space and don’t forget to Subscribe my Youtube channel – Ruchi Jadhav, I obviously have not uploaded any videos, in the process of it 🙂 Need your support for this 🙂

Tata Coffee Grand has given me unrealistic expectations of productivity 😛 Even i start up my blog coffee was the reason, I always get ideas after I sip my coffee it’s like NO coffee, NO workee 😀



Ruchi ❤


2 thoughts on “Tata Coffee Grand

  1. I recently bought Nescafe gold which is more expensive than the regular Nescafe. I understood the difference straight away. I will try this grand too. Thanks for sharing!


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