The Happy Home Blog Launch

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What is home according to you? For me ‘Home interprets Heaven.’ So here I introduce you to ‘The Happy Homes Blog‘ which will help you create your own heaven. I attended the blog launch of ‘The Happy Homes’ an initiative by Dr. Fixit and Roff India, at Pidilite Kondivita Head Office in Andheri.



The highlight of the event was a panel discussion headed by;
Pulmonologist and Sleep Specialist: Dr. Alpa Dalal
Vastu Shastra Consultant: Mr. Omkar Thakur
‘MSWA’ Chairman: Mr. C. A. Ramesh Prabhu
Contributing Editor ‘Better Homes’: Ms. Shilpi Kakkar Madan
Discussed about the various factors that go into making a home healthy and happy.


Mr. Omkar Thakur the Vastu Shastra consultant shared a unique take on how dampness in homes spreads negative energy which in-turn affects peace.


Dr. Alpa Dalal shared her medical knowledge on how damp walls can cause health issues in kids and adults, with Asthma being one of the most common diseases that damp walls can lead to.

Mr. C. A. Ramesh Prabhu, the Chairman of ‘Maharashtra Societies Welfare Association’ shared insights on the rules that housing societies and the people living in it should follow. Did you know? If you’re living in a housing society you may think you can renovate your home, but you do need to get permission from your housing society before you take it up. This session was full of many such ‘Must-Know’ insights.


Ms. Shilpi Kakkar Madan, Contributing Editor at Better Homes, shared interior
design tricks and trends of 2016. She also spoke in depth about organic colours that will rule this year, with ‘Blue’ being the major hit this season.


The event also boasted of a unique 3D visual experience that reflected a stark difference between a ‘Sad Home’ and a ‘Happy Home’ coupled with a quirky photo-booth that was popular among all those present.

Like they say, “Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!” this was just a beginning, the actual story will unfold through ‘The Happy Homes‘ . So folks, if you want your home to be happy inside out, head on over to this blog and get all your home related issues answered.



Ruchi ❤

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