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Hey beautiful people 😀

It is sad that even in this century, girls do not openly talk about menstruation, we still use code words to talk about our monthly cycles. It is still considered a taboo in some parts of the world. So I was invited to attend the Whisper Blogger’s Meet, I was delighted to know that this important topic would be discussed openly in a room full of creative minds,bloggers and break the myths 🙂


The event took place at St. Regis, Mumbai. The first exclusive blogger’s preview, the most versatile Bollywood actress Kalki Koechlin, Whisper R & D Expert Chetan Kotyalkar (probably the only guy present 😛 ), Gynaecologist Dr Nandita Palshetkar & Stand Up Comedian Aditi Mittal took this event forward and discussed the importance of menstruation.


Aditi Mittal graced the event discussing about how our normal days VS period days are. The Taboo’s followed at an India Level – Washing hair on the 4th day, Do not touch the pickle, Don’t set curd, Don’t enter the kitchen blah blah…!


In India as girls hit puberty, they are introduced to many different Don’ts

After the success of #TouchThePickle Campaign, they have come up with #OwnThose5Days Campaign, encouraging today’s teen generation and introduced the New Whisper Ultra which is bigger and absorbs more.



Chetan Kotyalkar took us through  various videos, where they showed how girls should be confident of themselves even on those 5 days 🙂 He then demonstrated the New Whisper Ultra and highlighted the new latest top sheet coat & boosted core which absorbs fast and keeps us fresh for long hours. The New Whisper Ultra comes with 1000 suction holes for better protection for long hours 🙂





Benefits of Whisper Ultra :

  • Long lasting absorption
  • Better dryness
  • Faster absorption
  • Better comfort by softer top sheet
  • Better scent


Dr Nandita, then discussed the hormonal changes which take place in our body before,after and during menstruation. She also spoke about menstrual hygiene. About our diet routine during menstruation.



Aditi & Kalki spoke about the myths and experiences they faced during their teenage days. They shared their opinions on the New Whisper Ultra.



To end the fun-filled yet an informative event, Whisper decided to write down our thought on periods, be unstoppable and own those 5 days 😀

You can claim your free sample here

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Ruchi ❤

Mumbai Blogger


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