Live In Style & Party In India


Hello beautiful people 🙂

Being a college student, I always find places where I can go out with my friends, And when it comes to friends, we all talk at one time and none of us really reach a specified place where we can hang out 🙂 But don’t worry LiveInStyle is here to solve your problems 🙂


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Pub Finder in India :



Whether you stay in Mumbai or Delhi or any other state you can easily find a pub for yourself, Mumbai is a vast city and knowing about each pub,hang out place is next to impossible. Pub Finder will help you find a place, according to your convenience so whether you are in a party mood, or need a relax session or a dinner date with your loved ones, Pub finder will find out the exact & the best pubs for you 😀

You just have to fill up your details,your area you want to party in,what kind of party you or your friends are been planning too and bamm, it’s done, you will get a list of hotels which will solve all your problems

All you got to do is go to fill up the necessary details about the pub you looking for and the recommended places will automatically show up also not to forget all the pubs,night clubs are verified 🙂

Also if you already know the name of the pub, you can easily see the reviews and check whether it’s verified or not

So what are you guys waiting for? Book one now 🙂 #LiveResponsibly

Cocktails : 

Don’t trust a brilliant idea unless it survives the hangover. 😀 The website has number of recipes which you can try at home as well 😛

I have browsed through the recipes and they seem super easy,also i love the fact that the recipes are openly shared so that we can enjoy these cocktails at home as well

The first thing in the human personality that dissolves in alcohol is dignity. So people #LiveResponsibly 

Disclaimer – This blog post caters to audience for 25 years and above 





Ruchi ❤

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