Olens India Jenith3 – Brown Color Lens Review

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Have you heard about this brand ? Yes.. No? Don’t worry, My today’s post is about OLens India detailed review.


OLens is a Korean brand that has recently launched in India and they have stunning coloured contacts which can be made in your eye power as well.

I absolutely love coloured eyes which sadly I dont have. Recently I have been testing out OLens India lenses in Brown. Since I love a very subtle and natural look on my face. Though my real eyes colour is Black-Brown, but i wished they were fully brown 😛

About O-Lens Brand Story


‘O-Lens’ is the premium cosmetic contact lens brand that creates unlimited eye-styling with unique & various designs of color contact lens. O-lens itself is the world first & best eye-beauty trend creator for those who wants to be “different me”.

Our design center located in South Korea is specialized in creating the most attractive design, luxurious packages and eye-catching contents which makes us world best color contact lens brand.

Once you meet O-lens, you will see beyond beauty that you haven’t experienced so far.

About O-Lens Business Story


‘O-Lens’ is very much loved by young generation of 10s~30s as well as celebrities and fashion models of Korea. We have absorbed customers very quickly since we opened our fist outlet in South Korea.

O-Lens outlets opening is hot issue among the fans and they are gathering for the new outlet opening. Most O-lens outlets are invited by 80~100 customers in daily average.

The attention to ‘O-LENS’ from Asian countries such as China, Japan and Taiwan currently has become as ever growing issue. O-Lens is proceeding to expand market into India, the biggest beauty hot place in the world & Dubai, U.A.E., the core area of the Middle East. technology of contact lens to provide safe contact lens for customers.

Price – 1690/- for a pair that lasts 3-6 months

How to Use :


● Wearing

1. Wash your hands and dry them thoroughly.
2. Rinse your lens with solution to remove any pollutant. Place lens on the tip of your index finger to check if they are on proper side.
3. Hold your upper eyelid using the other hand and pull down your lower eyelid using your applying hand.
4. Look up the ceiling or look forward whichever you feel comfortable and place the lens gently on the lower white part of your eye.
5. Remove your index finger and gently release your lower eyelid
6. Blink several times to adjust lens.
7. If your eye feels uncomfortable, remove the lens and check if they are on reversed side or if there is any eyewinker or damage. If lens surface is fine, rinse the lens with more solution and apply again.

● How to Tell If a Soft Contact Lens Is Inside Out

Putting a soft contact lens in your eye inside out is a painful experience but it can’t do any damages. Following guide will teach your how to make sure your put your lenses in the correct way every time.

1. Place one contact lens on the end of your finger lens-side up.
2. Hold the lens at eye-level and look at it from the side.
3. If it forms just a “U,” it’s in the correct position.

● Removing

1. Wash your hands and dry them thoroughly.
2. Apply one to two drops of lubricating & rewetting eye drops to moisturize your eyes before removing your contact lenses to prevent cornea damage.
3. Look up the ceiling or forward whichever you feel comfortable and pull down your lower eyelid.
4. Bring your index finger close to your eye till you touch the lower edge of lens.
5. Gently squeeze the lens between your thumb and index finger to remove the contact lens.

● Cleansing & Storing

1. After removing your lens, gently rub and clean the lenses with solution for 15 to 20 seconds and store in lens case with solution.
2. It is safe to store the lens in multi-purpose solution to prevent infection and deformation of lens.
3. Store your lens in the multi-purpose solution over 5 hours and wash your lens case every day. Change lens case every months.
4. Never reuse solution.

● Caution

1. Wash your hand thoroughly whenever you touch lens for wearing and removing.
2. Wear lenses before you apply make up.
3. Remove lenses before you wash eye make up.
4. Handle contact lenses with your finger tips. Avoid to use sharp objects like finger nails.
5. Make sure you clean lens and check damage before applying.
6. Make sure you wear the lenses on the correct side.
7. In case you can’t tell the difference of power, please check the label on the package.
8. Use sterilized solution
9. Store the lenses in sterilized case if not in use.
10. To keep your eyes in healthy, the lenses should be removed appropriately from your cornea. If your lenses are stuck on your eyes, you should consult with eye care professional immediately.
11. Never share your lens with others to prevent contagion.
12. In contaminated environment, it is not recommended to wear contact lenses.
13. Consult with your eye care professional if you have redness, pain, swell or irritation in the eyes.
14. Consult with your eye care profession if you have irritation in your cornea, dry eyes due to lack of tears, allergic reactions.
15. Do not use contact lenses in case eye disease is prevailing.

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CD Review : 


I personally cannot compare these to regular lenses that people wear because I have never used them.


I have only ever tried coloured lenses from Bausch and Lomb in the past and for some reason I could never wear them for long enough, also through those lens a burning sensation started in my eyes .


These lenses I wear pretty often as I find them comparatively more comfortable, I have worn this lens for more then 7 hours and trust me guys, it left no redness in my eyes, no itching, no tears while wearing/removing. I’m super happy with OLens.


Overall, if you are looking for a nice pair of coloured contacts I would suggest you give OLens a try because you wont regret using these 😀


CD Rating : 10/10



Ruchi ❤

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