Aster Luxury Bar Review

Hello girls,

I know I have been MIA for a very long time now on the blog, So recently I received Aster Luxury Soaps in Lime & Glycerin. So lets dive into the review 🙂

About Aster :


Aster Luxury handmade bathing bars are premium bathing soaps which are designed for those who nourish their skin naturally. Aster bathing bars are blended for enhancing specific skin types, as every individual’s skin is not the same. These luxury soaps are skin healthy, soothing and provide natural protection to the skin. Aster bathing bars retain all the possible benefits of herbs and essential oils.

Aster luxury handmade soaps use natural ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Sorbitol, Castor Oil, Myristic Acid etc.

The Essential Oils & Fragrances used in Aster Luxury bathing bars are sourced from authentic manufacturers & used only after going through stringent quality control methods. Aster handmade soaps use strong percentage of essential oils thus the lingering fragrance lasts much longer.

We have developed a vast range of premium quality soaps both in transparent & opaque form.

Price – INR 150


Quantity – 125g


Shelf Life – 2 years from MFG

Packaging –


It comes in a simple plastic wrap with labels on either side which has details about the bar.

Ingredients –


CD Review –

Aster Luxury Bar in Lime



The soap comes in an attractive green color,has a refreshing aroma, It cleanses the skin thoroughly,makes the skin soft and supple,It is paraben free, contains the goodness of coconut oil,castor oil and glycerin along with the goodness of Lime. It makes the skin soft and silky. The fragrance stays for a longer time,also its suitable for all skin types. The bar contains no parabens or SLS or any harmful ingredients. Super lime fragrance,which makes it super natural. No animal testing, and lathers really well.

Aster Luxury Bar in Glycerine


The soap is red in color and i love this one, The moisturising glycerin is infused with natural ingredients, specially made for people who have sensitive and oily skin. It helps their skin get rid of the oil and helps them get the perfect soft and supple skin. It removes the dirt from the skin,and maintains balance of oil and moisturises the skin. This soap controls excess oil secretion. The soap refreshes the body as well promotes stress relief. The bar contains no harsh chemicals, it is not tested on animals, Also it helps in reducing the pimples.Controls excess sebum. I would highly recommend this soap for the people who are going through pimples and excess oil secretion from their body.


CD Rating – 4.8/5

Have you tried the Aster Luxury Bars? Let me know in the comments below.



Ruchi ❤



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