Celebrate Diwali with Asus – Gift yourself Happiness

Hey beautiful people

Hope you all are doing good and all set for Diwali 😀

Diwali Mobile Offer

Festive seasons make me really happy,when your family is together,you meet your friends, relatives, spread happiness everywhere. Also Diwali brings a lot of responsibility of what GIFT you should surprise your loved ones with?? Apart from clothes,boring chocolate boxes, I believe when it comes to a gift, I always think a gift should be of proper use to the person,and not just lying in one of the corners of their house. Luckily I came across Asus amazing offer which has a superb Diwali gifting idea! Are you people excited to know?

Diwali Mobile Offer

Asus has come up with Har Pal Happiness Offer which is specially for us, who really want to gift our loved ones some real good surprises. 😀 All you have to do is buy Asus Zen-phones and guess what in return win Rs 1,000 vouchers every hour and  a stunning Diwali dhamaka  to win gold vouchers worth Rs 25,000 every day, Now Diwali just got more happier ain’t it? Buy an Asus Zen-phone , gift them to your loved ones and Asus makes sure to surprise you with vouchers every hour and gold vouchers every day just as you plan to surprise your loved ones with Zen phones.

So now you might be wondering from where can you avail this offer?

You can know more about this offer here


Asus has got me all excited and super happy for Diwali. I have chosen  Asus Zen phone Selfie 😀 I’m going to gift this to my brother who is super fond of himself,and therefore he can enjoy clicking selfie’s on his Asus Zen-phone Selfie! And not only this! Who knows I might win the gold voucher too 😀 Since I was a part of the Asus Divas Meet, I have tried Zen-phone Selfie and it’s features are mind-blowing and back there I knew Selfie lovers like us need this zen-phone at our place 🙂

So hurry up you all,before it’s out of stock and before this super offer is gone 🙂 The offer is valid from 13th October to 11th November 2015! And thank you Asus, you have really helped me out with this surprise gift 😀

#HarPalHappiness se Diwali manao,Jaake jaldi Asus ko ghar lao 😀 Cinderella Diaries wishes you a very happy and a safe Diwali, I hope this post really helps you out and may you find the perfect zen-phone to gift your loved ones. Happy gifting 🙂


Ruchi ❤

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