10 Beauty Hacks That Sounds Weird But Is Totally Cool

Those days when you need a lot of research and guidance to get a better look and tricks to look even more beautiful is gone. With just a few clicks, one gets any amount of advices that are needed to make them look better. The list is bombarded with more and more ideas each day. Beauty hacks has become the main interest of people as it helps them to look beautiful with what they have in a lesser time and they enjoy the result instantly!

As we all know, beauty hacks have become the most favorite of all beauty queens out there as it gives an instant solution to any of your problem. Though the solution is temporary, it gives you the desired effect which is more important. Some of these hacks might look and sound weird to you, but trust me it works!

Here is a list of 10 beauty hacks that sounds weird but is totally cool as it gives you what you really want. Try them next time to see the magic!

Drinking coffee is a good way to start your morning. Did you know the fact that it can do wonders on your skin as well? Mix a little of coffee powder with coconut oil or with your cleanser to make a paste and apply this on your face as a mask and leave it till dry. This acts as an exfoliating mask for a glowing skin. Whaoooo!!

Toothpaste is essential for white teeth. But, it can also help with some of your beauty related issues. Like, if you are a person who is worried of having pimples on your face (not too many), apply a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on it and leave it overnight. It is helpful.

Do you have lips that do not look plump? No worries. Peppermint oil can sort it out without much effort. Mix a little of the oil in your lip gloss to get the plumping boost. Applying colorless lip balm also makes your lip really pop.

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You recently bought a branded foundation which was highly priced and found that you got the wrong shade this time. It is darker than what you normally use. No need to dump it somewhere, instead mix a little of the moisturizer that you use to get a lighter shade of the foundation. Happy?

Does your perfume last really long? If not, you can try a simple trick to make it last longggg.. Apply vaseline on those areas where you normally spray your perfume and then spray. Perfume smell does last longggg.

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Tired with your frizzy hair? Try pampering your hair with beer girls. Beer is not only a drink but also a normalizer for your hair. It has ingredients that can make your hair soft, smooth and shiny. Yes, you read it right! Shampoo your hair and towel dry. Massage your hair with beer. Cover it and keep it for a few minutes and then rinse it off. Let others envy at the way your hair shines. You can get the same effect with Apple Cidar Vinegar as well.

Tired of waiting for getting the nail paint dry? It is easy now. No need to sit under the fan with your fingers. Just soak the fingers in a bowl of cold water and you get the result instantly.

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Dark circles are always a concern for girls. Sometimes even concealers do not get you the remedy. Try a magic with your lipstick! Use orange or coral colored lipstick to get rid of your dark circles. It neutralizes the dark circles. You can try it with a cheap red/orange lipstick initially.

Puffy eyes are yet another problem faced by girls. It is worse when you have a date or an important meeting. If you do not have ample time to work with your puffy eyes, then use Preparation H. It reduces redness and puffiness instantly.

Do you know any other beauty hacks that seem to be a cool one? Share your views and comments below.

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