#CDFirstGiveaway Winners Announced :*

Hello sweeties! 😀 So here it is! For me it was difficult to choose 3 winners as each and everyone gave their best! The criteria was only to invite more and more friends And thank you to each and everyone for participating and inviting all your girlies! AndTheWinnersAre[1]

  1. Ruchi P
  2. Bhavani Sekar
  3. Alisha


Congratulations to all the winners! Loved your performance girls!

Winners kindly share your details and mail me at cinderelladiariesrj@gmail.com in the next 24hours or else will have to pick another winner!

To those who lost here

Thank you everyone Simar,Sujata,Monika  you girls were too close!

Thank u for such pretty entries ! Also don’t forget my Instagram giveaway is about to start!

Please don’t unfollow,unlike if you haven’t won! Many giveaways to come soon!

The unlikers and unfollowers will be banned in the future giveaways!

Thank you once again #CDFirstGiveaway!


Ruchi ! :*

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