Welcome to Cinderella Diaries


Cinderella Diaries isn’t about finding your prince,it’s about how a new pair of shoes and clothes can change your life 😉

Haha, This blog is all about US, Girls and all the things a girl like to talk about 😀


I’m Ruchi from Mumbai and I’m the Founder and Editor of this Indian beauty blog named Cinderella Diaries (RJ) is my name initial 😛 . I started this blog on 20 April 2015, and constantly working towards how i can take my passion to greater heights,while pursuing BMM, juggling with college,house and my website 😀 , but my unconditional love for makeup,cosmetics,shopping and more shopping keeps on growing day by day ❤ (but guys i’m helping our world’s economy grow),well to be precise that was just another excuse 😛

What’s Cinderella Diaries is all about :

  • This blog will help you know a beauty product well , it will give you an clear idea whether the product you want is worth it or not 🙂
  • We bring you the best places to shop from,whether it be online shopping or pratical 😛
  • New trends will be up,whether it’s Cannes or IIFA (Who wore what ) 🙂 All updates on Instagram or on the website itself

Random facts about me :

  • I love coral and pastel colors a lot.
  • I love shopping, though i don’t spend more,but i guess just visiting malls and watching all branded stations makes me happy
  • I love Tea & Coffee, literally with these things i can spend my life without food!
  • I don’t like pizza :O
  • I feel like i don’t belong to this planet,My all liking’s are totally different  maybe i’m from P.K’s family 😛
  • I’m an Apple Fanatic 😛 Like really , I own an Iphone, Ipad and Macbook Pro. Still I get excited watching an Apple TVC (weird, ikr) :/
  • I’m an quality over quantity person, I know many girls would be like in 1K , would purchase 2 handbags or even 3 handbags,
  • I would go with just 1 Branded handbag 😛
  • Branded Fanatic as well, I just think branded things last longer their quality is amazing!
  • I used to bite my nails ( one bad past ) 🙂 But life’s all about our second chances.
  • Makeup stations gets me excited 😀
  • I love animals until & unless they scare the hell out of me 🙂
  • I don’t like chocolates :/ why does it feels i’m the only girl who doesn’t like chocolates.
  • I don’t have any phobia’s (touchwood) 😛

❤ Beauty Profile ❤

Skintone: Mac NW40

Skin Type: Dry :O

Hair Type: Straight and gorgeous 😀

Current Location – Mumbai , India

To get in touch mail me at cinderelladiariesrj@gmail.com 


Ruchi ❤

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