Ethicare Remedies – Acmed Face Wash

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Today I’m reviewing Ethicare Remedies – Acmed Cleanses and Lightens Face Wash

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About Ethicare Remedies : 

Ethicare Remedies, with its creative & different concept blended with innovation & quality products has become rapidly grown company. Their exclusive focus is on skin & hair, truly dedicated to dermatology & cosmetology.

Visit their website :

Product Information :

Name : Acmed Cleanses and Lightens Face Wash

Ingredients : 

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Shelf Life : 3 years

Price : Rs 162

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Directions :

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Packaging : The product comes in a transparent plastic tube. The tube is encased in outer carton that displays an elaborated product info printed on it and also shows the tube through a transparent sheet in the front.The tube has flip-open cap that shuts tightly. The small nozzle at top of the tube makes sure that the right amount is squeezed out of the tube. The tube is very convenient to carry since its light weight.

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Products Claims : Acmed Cleanses and Lightens Face Wash

Specially formulated face wash for gentle cleansing of oily & acne prone skin

Lipobeeds – direct drug delivery system also offers aesthetic appeal.

Slightly acidic pH. (skin friendly)

With good lathering effect for complete cleansing experience.

Gentle cleansing base for irritation free cleansing.

Attractive, elegant pack.

Availability :  Flipkart, Amazon

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Hits : Acmed Cleanses and Lightens Face Wash

  • Refreshing face wash.
  • Smoothens and Cleans the skin.
  • Removes the dirt from the skin pores.
  • Gentle Cleanser for Oily & Acne Prone Skin.
  • Does not irritates the eye area.
  • Hydrates the skin well.
  • The Innovative Anti Acne Globules gently penetrates into your skin while you wash your face and ensures proper delivery of Anti Acne actives into the skin.
  • Inexpensive
  • Gives your face a glow and removes make-up too.
  • Travel friendly

Misses :  Acmed Cleanses and Lightens Face Wash

  • None

CD Review : 

Acmed Cleanses and Lightens Face Wash

image7 (1)

I prefer more face wash then soaps on my face,soaps don’t work well or blend with my skin,specially on my face,I get aches if not taken proper care of the soap i’m using. This face wash has worked great for me,it refreshes you and i can feel the glow after a long day of makeup,polluted dirt, this face wash works wonders, Also it’s inexpensive also it’s available online. It has an amazing fragrance and even if you a little amount of the face wash the foam created is pretty perfect.

CD  Rating : 5/5 




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