My Personal Stylist – Myntra #ItsPersonal


Hi guys,

How many of you have ordered online or frequently opt for online shopping ?


Many of you right?

It’s one of the blessings to be sitting & chilling at home and ordering some gifts for family,friends or loved ones 🙂

For me online shopping is like a gift to me from Myself 😛

It’s about the wait and longing for that product you ordered 🙂

And once it’s at your doorstep you have thousands of emotions,happiness,adrenaline rush of how the product is!

But sometimes when you can’t find a perfect dress,or party dress,it becomes very difficult to search the whole website,

So what if you get your own personal stylist? Yes what if an app shows you the product according to your personal taste #ItsPersonal


“This May 15th, 2015, Myntra is taking the first step towards the future of fashion shopping — we move on from the desktop to being exclusively available on the app.”

“We believe fashion is a very personal experience. Your sense of style, the brands you wear, the trends you choose to follow are unique to you. What inspires you to look good changes and evolves every day. The best fashion experience therefore, is a truly personalized and engaging one that is only possible through the device that is closest to you. A device that understands you – your mobile.”

That’s simply amazing! We have an App which is personal, which helps us choose our own style,your look of the day,YOUR OWN !
I’m super excited to shop my way,make my own trends and style myself with my convenience in what I’m comfortable with !
The era of smartphones is here and now! #ItsPersonal
Guys be App-Statistic with Myntra
Do let me know what are your views on Myntra #ItsPersonal

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